Invited Lectures


Jacques Baudon (France)

Elastic and inelastic scattering of fast and slow metastable atoms by micro- and nano-structures


Joachim Burgdorfer (Austria)

Interaction of ultrashort laser pulses with clusters: short-time dynamics of a nanoplasma


Laurence Campbell (Australia)

Role of Excited Nitrogen in the Ionosphere


Stefka Cartaleva (Bulgaria)

Coherent Spectroscopy of Sodium and Potassium vapour


Stefano Ciroi (Italy)

Plasma diagnostics in the Active Galactic Nuclei environment


Emmanouel Danezis (Greece, )

The peculiar absorption/emission lines phenomena from stars to quasars


Nikolay A. Dyatko (Russia)

Jumps and bi-stability effects in low temperature plasmas


Albert Ellingboe (Ireland)

Assessing plasma source technology for manufacturing


Juergen Fassbender  (Germany)

Ion beam modifications of magnetic films


Timo Gans (Germany)

Diagnostics for the Dynamics of Power Dissipation in Technologically used Plasmas


Bill Graham (UK)

Atmospheric pressure glow discharges


Russell Gwilliam (UK)

Vacancy engineering for the production of ultra shallow junctions


John Douglas Hey  (South Africa)

Spectroscopic studies of atomic and molecular processes in the edge region of magnetically confined fusion plasmas.


Sergei Kukhlevski (Hungary)

Soft-x-ray Ar+8 lasers by non-ablative slow Z-pinches in 0.5-m capillaries: Experiment and theory

Authors: Sergei V. Kukhlevsky, János Szász, Gábor Almási, János Hebling, Imre Sánta, Sándor Szatmári, István Földes.


Klaus-Peter Lieb (Germany)

Gloomy quartz: electroluminescence in ion-irradiated and epitaxially recrystallizing quartz


Manon Lourenco (UK)

Microstructural influence on electroluminescence of silicon light emitting diodes
Authors : M.A. Lourenco, M. Milosavljevic, G. Shao, R.M. Gwilliam and K.P. Homewood


Charlie Mahony (UK)

Medium and small scale plasmas for nanotechnologies at the UU Nanotechnology Research Institute

Nigel J. Mason (UK)

Probing radiation damage at the molecular level


Suguru Masuzaki (Japan)

Effect of Magnetic Field Topology on Edge Plasma Behavior in LHD Heliotron


François Mathis (France)

Unusual applications of ion beam analysis for the study of surface layers on materials relevant to cultural heritage


Vladimir Mezentsev (UK)

Role of plasma in femtosecond laser pulse propagation


Osamu Motojima (Japan)

Frontier of Fusion Research: Path to the Steady State Fusion Reactor by Large Helical Device


Hideo Nagatomo (Japan)

Computational Studies and Designs for Fast Ignition


Svetozar Popović (USA)

Aerodynamic effects in weakly ionized gas: phenomenology and applications


Zheng-Ming Sheng (China)

Relativistic laser acceleration of electrons along solid surfaces


Jan Dusan Skalny (Slovakia)

Spectra of ions produced by corona discharges


Richard Taieb (France)

IR vs. X-rays strong field atomic physics


Ronald White  (Australia)

Non-equilibrium electron transport in gases




Progress Reports


Aleksandra Andić (BiH)

Analysis of short period acoustic waves in the solar atmosphere


Milada Bartlova (Czech Republic)

Radiation transfer in arc plasmas


Daniel Caceres (Spain)

Aminoacid  formation by electron irradiation


Danica Cvejanović (Australia)

Spin and Electron Correlation Effects in Excitation of 3d Metal Atoms


Minja Gemišić Adamov, Anderas Steiger, Joachim Seidel (Germany)

Electric field measurements by Doppler-free Stark spectroscopy of the low-excited levels of atomic hydrogen


Marco Gigosos (Spain)

Study on the asymmetry of the Balmer lines

Milivoje Ivković (

Optical emission spectroscopic techniques for low  electron density diagnostics

Predrag Jovanović (

Microlensing signatures in spectra of quasars: X-ray radiation


Predrag Krstić (USA)

Chemical sputtering at the fusion-plasma facing carbon surfaces

Kinga Kutasi (

Modelling of a post-discharge reactor used for plasma sterilization


Violeta Lazić (Italy)

Laser-induced plasma spectroscopy: principles, methods and applications


Jorge Mahecha (Colombia)

Quantum and classical description of H atom under magnetic field and quadrupole trap potential


Čedomir Maluckov (Serbia)

Investigation of the statistical nature and structure of the electrical breakdown time delay in gas diodes filled with neon


Joan Marler (USA)

High resolution cross section measurements using a trap based positron(electron) beam


Dragana Marić (Serbia)

Spatial structure and basic kinetic processes in low-pressure gas discharges


Stefan Matejčik (Slovakia)

Electron attachment and electron impact ionization of simple aminoacids


Velimir Milinović (Germany)

Ion beam mixing at crystalline and amorphous Si/Fe interfaces

Aleksandar R. Milosavljević (

Electron interaction with DNA deoxyribose analogue molecules

Željka Nikitović (Serbia)

Electron Excitation Coefficients in Helium, Neon, Oxygen and Methane of High E/N

Jovana Petrović (

Plasma Assisted Inscription of Photonics Components in Dielectrics


Branko Predojević (BiH)

Electron impact excitation of the 3s3p 1P1 state in magnesium


Igor Savić (Serbia)

Some Routes in Forming C3Hn+ ions and deuterated variants under interstellar conditions


Aliz Simon (Hungary)

High resolution 3d elemental mapping of direct write thin films


Olivera Šašić (Serbia)

Electron transport coefficients and scattering cross sections in CH4, HBr and in mixtures of He and Xe