The SPIG programe will include a workshop: Nonequilibrium processes in Plasma Physics and studies of Environment

The Workshop is organized by The Experimental Centre for Non-equilibrium Studies with Application in Nano-technologies, Etching of Integrated Circuits and Environmental Research



EPS sponsorship - East West Fund
SPIG 2006 is EPS sponsored conference through East West Task Force. The East-West Fund provides grants to individual physicists. The rules for obtaining grants through the East-West Fund by participants to an EPS Sponsored Conference are given at
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Second Announcement

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Satellite meeting


The SPIG programme will include a satellite meeting "Joint UniS-Vinča Workshop on Ion Beam Applications for Materials Modification and Analysis". This Workshop will start on 01 Sept 2006 in Kopaonik and continue on 02 Sept 2006 in the VINČA Institute, Belgrade.

AIP Conference Proceedings of SPIG 2004