Travel Information


Belgrade can be reached by air, road and railway from main European cities. The Organizers will arrange transfers from Belgrade to Kopaonik. For individual transportation, the public bus connections with Kopaonik are available.


Organizer’s transfer to Kopaonik


Transportation from Belgrade to Kopaonik with a limited number of reserved seats will be arranged on Sunday, August 27, and return Friday September 1, and Saturday, September 2, from Kopaonik to Belgrade. Preliminary departure table is:


Belgrade – Kopaonik

Sunday 27.08    Airport 14:00 (stop on Railway station 14:30)     and 17:00 (direct)


Kopaonik – Belgrade

Friday 1.09 13:00, 17:30    and    Saturday 2.09   08:00


Transfer reservation form


Individual transfer to Kopaonik


There are several options you can use for individual transportation from Belgrade to Kopaonik.


Option1:  via Kruševac  and  Brzeće (270km)


Option2: via Kraljevo and Jošanička Banja (250km)


The public bus connections with Kopaonik are also available.


                                 Departures     Arrivals  

Belgrade - Kopaonik         7:00h         12:15h

                                    12:00h        17:15h

Kopaonik - Belgrade        14:45h        20:00h

                                    16:00h        21:45h