Kopaonik is the largest mountain in Serbia, more then 100 km long. Its highest peak is Pancic's Peak at 2,016 m above sea level. A flat region at an altitude of about 1,700 meters forms the basis of Central Kopaonik plateau and is called Suvo Rudiste. The tourist resort on the Kopaonik includes hotels, rest houses, ski lifts, excellent ski slopes and many other tourist facilities.


Kopaonik was declared a National park in 1981. The National park spreads on 12,000 hectares. All the natural splendor of Kopaonik is not yet well-known or sufficiently exploited. Kopaonik is unrivalled by its natural beauty and mineral wealth. Cascading rivers and snow carved rugged valleys in the areas of softer, especially serpentine rock, which is dominant in the western region of the mountain. Many thermo-mineral springs are found in the foothills of Kopaonik. The well-known spa is Jošanička Banja with its strong springs whose waters reach the temperature of about 80°C.


The complex of hotels (Grand, Konaci etc.) are situated at Suvo Rudiste plateau and it can be reached in five hours' time starting from Belgrade, which is about 250km away. As regards climate, Kopaonik significantly differs from the neighboring mountains. The temperature maximum of Suvo Rudiste in August indicates that it has a sub-alpine climate. With 200 sunny days a year (in Sunčana Dolina), this mountain seems to have been made for a resort with plenty of fresh air.


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